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1st Gas are going Green! 

1st Gas are gearing up to offer our customers the latest sustainable solutions for heating, hot water and cooling within the home. As technologies evolve we will start offering more environmentally friendly heating and cooling options. We are also pleased to be supporting the Worcester Bosch Green campaign. 

Heating Questions & Answers 

The government hopes to stop the sale of gas boilers from 2035 however, ministers say that people will not be forced to get rid of their gas boilers. New legislation means that from 2025 boilers will be banned from all new build properties, instead they will be requiired to install renewable heating technologies such as air to air heat pumps. 
Your existing gas boiler can be replaced and does not need replacing before 2025 or 2035. 
Gas is being banned in new build homes in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Low to zero carbon alternatives, like hydrogen gas, are still being trialled and could be used in the future. 
There are a few alternative options to natural gas boilers including renewable technologies, electric heat pumps and hybrid systems that include more than one technology.  
There are numerous trials taking place around the country, hydrogen fuel is proving to be a safe alternative to natural gas. 
Hydrogen ready boilers are an easy swap from a conventional gas boiler and will provide the same level of comfort. For homes that are difficult to heat due to poor insulation, hydrogen boilers are a good alternative. 
We will continue to offer the greenest heating solutions available including Eco A-Rated hydrogen blend ready gas boilers. It is likely that over the next few years we will see an increase in renewable heating technologies, including air and ground source heat pumps. 
There are many factors to consider if you are contemplating replacing your gas boiler with renewable heating including how much space you have, the size of your property and your budget.  
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Smart thermostats - Start saving energy & lower your carbon footprint! 

Heating accounts for around 40- 50% of your energy bill and so it makes sense to manage it well.  
Smart heating controls allow you to control your central heating remotely using your mobile. Smart thermostats can learn your schedule and can also help to monitor your energy usage! 

Heating & Cooling with  Bosch air conditioning units 

Did you know that air conditioning units can be used to heat individual rooms as well as cool them? Visit our sister page to find out more: www.enviroheatingandcooling.co.uk 
To find out more about Enviro Heating & Cooling follow our new Twitter feed @CoolingEnviro. 
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