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Hi, my names Ian and I work for 1st Gas Engineers Ltd. We are a local family run business based in Northamptonshire, we also cover Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. We specialise in boiler servicing, boiler and central heating repairs, boiler installations, full central heating installations and we offer maintenance packages. Just ask ask an engineer when he calls. All of our work comes with a 12 month guarantee. Thanks very much for watching and have a nice day. 01604 670549 / www.1stgas.com / info@1stgas.com  

Trading Standards Approved  Gas Engineers Northampton 

We are proud to be approved by Which? Trusted Traders, Buy With Confidence, Worcester Bosch and Ideal boilers. Our engineers are also Gas Safe Registered and CRB checked. 
Hello I'm Jeff from 1st Gas, we have just serviced this Worcester Greenstar 24i boiler. We get a lot of phone calls in about how to top the pressure up, so we are going to show you today how we do it. Basically, we've got a pressure gauge on the right here which ideally wants to read between 1 and 1 and a half bar when the boiler is cold. Underneath, you've got an access panel. You can slide that forward and inside there you will find a key, take the key out. We've put a bit of silicon lubricant around it just to make it go in and out easier. Push the key up, you'll feel when it clicks in, then pull it just to make sure it doesn't come out. Just here we've got a valve, this valve is anti clockwise to open and clockwise to close. So what we are going to do is drop the panel down. Then we are going to open it up, now you can hear the water going in. When we're between 1 and 1 and a half bar we're going to close the valve off. Close the panel. We're going to take the key back out, turn it slightly anti clockwise and then just pull it out. You will have a little bit of water drip out, just wipe the water up. Then replace the key back into the case. Put the case back on to the boiler. Any problems give Jeff or Ian a phone call at 1st Gas on 01604 670549.  

How to top up the pressure on Worcester Bosch Greenstar & Ideal Logic combination boilers 

It's not uncommon for boilers to stop working occasionally due to low pressure. If you own a Worcester Greenstar or an Ideal Logic combination boiler the videos below should help you to top your boiler up and get it going again. If your boiler frequently needs topping up then get in touch.  
This video is about how to fill up an Ideal Logic combination boiler if your system looses pressure. If you drop down the front of the combination boiler inside you've got an instruction manual which tells you exactly how to top it up. If you turn to page 11 you've got a diagram and written instructions on there. But it's very simple, so if we pop that back. Underneath the boiler you have two valves, the two valves at the front of the boiler are going to fill the system up. When we install a boiler we often leave the loop in place, but if yours hasn't got the filling loop on then undo the caps and then attach the braided hose between the two before you fill it up. Over on the left here you've got a pressure gauge and that pressure gauge, when the system is cold, ideally we want it to read between 1 and 1.5 bar. So to do that we open one valve up first , then open the other valve, just open it slowly. Until the pressure goes to between 1 and 1.5 bar. Then close it off, close the other valve off and that's it. If you want to take your braided pipe off, take it off and replace the two brass caps. If not just leave the braided pipe on and away you go. If necessary reset the boiler. To reset the boiler all we do is we just turn the knob around and then back to it's original position and your boilers ready to go.  
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Welcome to 1st Gas Engineers Ltd, your first choice for gas boiler and appliance installations and repairs in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. We offer a comprehensive range of gas and heating system services including boiler servicing and repairs, power flushing, central heating, gas appliances, LPG installations, emergency repairs, Landlord's Certificates and more. If you're fed up with the big boys treating you like just another call out give us a try. get in touch today. 01604 670549 / info@1stgas.com  

Water Leak - fault finding in Towcester 

Unfortunately pipes can sometimes spring leaks! Finding the source of a leak can be difficult. In this video you can see how we have carefully excavated the floor to find the leaking pipe.  
The customer has a damp patch on the floor, we've just exposed the pipework. As you can see, the pipe is dripping there. If I lift the pipe up you'll see it, it's coming from the pipe just there, just underneath.  
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