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Air source heat pumps 

Air source heat pumps heat the home by using ambient air, which is a renewable resource. An air source heat pump can lower your carbon emissions and could lower your future fuel bills.  
The outdoor fan unit takes in the outside air extracting the heat, it then sends it down pipes into your house to a cylinder unit. The cylinder unit is like a hot water cylinder, it feeds the heat into the house through the radiator and hot water circuits.  
Air source heat pumps can be used as a hybrid solution alongside solar panels and boilers. 
Things to consider  
During cold winter months the air temperature drops and air source heat pumps become less efficient, this could cause higher electricity bills.  
Houses need to be well insulated and draught proof for air source heat pumps to work, which can be costly. Older houses can be difficult to insulate well enough for a heat pump to work effectively.  
The outdoor fan unit can be installed outside your house or mounted onto a wall. Fans can be noisy and might disturb you or neighbours and so you will have to consider where to put it.  
Do you have space for a cylinder unit inside? Are you able to install underfloor heating and larger radiators? 
Air source heat pumps can cost between £9,000 and £15,000 to install and ground source heat pumps can cost between £20,000 and £25,000 to install.  
Air source heat pump house diagram. An outdoor unit is linked to a large indoor cylinder unit, that then feeds the under floor heating and radiators.
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