Called out to carry out an LPG boiler service, found the old regulator and hoses were over 10 years old and showing signs of degradation. Installed new LPG regulator and hoses. 
LPG regulator and hoses
All of the boilers photographed below had issues that were picked up during their boiler services. The boilers were still working at the time of their services. By servicing the boilers the problems were identified and fixed before the issues did any further damage to the boilers. Servicing boilers every twelve months helps to keep them running safely, efficiently and also helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns. 
With energy prices set to rise now is a good time to consider how to save energy around the home. Here is a list of ideas that could help, if you have any more ideas please feel free to add them in the comments box! 
Today we carried out a repair on a Worcester Greenstar 30i combination boiler, water was leaking from the return hydraulic block, to remove the block we had to isolate the boiler at the service valves and drain. We stripped out the return and flow section and replaced the necessary parts and seals to complete the job. After the leak had been fixed we had to dry the PCB as water spraying from the leak had found its way onto the PCB. 
Today we have installed a new Worcester Bosch boiler. Boilers come with 10 - 12 year manufacturer guarantees but must be serviced every 12 months.  
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