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Electric boilers 

Electric boilers are available as combination boilers or electric boilers with stored hot water, they are suitable for small to medium sized homes.  
An electric boiler works like a kettle, when the hot tap or heating is turned on the element in the boiler heats up to produce hot water. 
Pros: By powering your electric boiler with renewable energy you could be reducing your carbon footprint. Electric boilers are considered a greener alternative to the conventional gas boiler, they do not burn fossil fuels and do not release waste gases. An electric boiler does not need a flue or condensate pipe, this means that they can be installed on internal walls. Electric boilers are quieter than gas boilers, if you intend to install the boiler in a bedroom this could be a good option. Electric boilers can also be used with solar panels to help reduce your energy bills.  
Cons: Electric boilers cannot cope with a high demand for hot water and are therefore unsuitable for larger households.  

Electric combination boilers 

Electric combi boilers look just like regular gas boilers. Electric combi boilers also provide hot water on demand. They do not require a tank and are an easy swap from a conventional gas boiler.  

Electric storage boilers 

The electric boiler comes with a hot water tank either within the unit or separately. They are suitable for economy 7 tariffs but are more expensive than the electric combi boilers to buy initially. 
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