With energy prices set to rise now is a good time to consider how to save energy around the home. Here is a list of ideas that could help, if you have any more ideas please feel free to add them in the comments box! 
• Turn off standby appliances 
• Turn off lights 
• Use energy saving light bulbs 
• Use halogen bulbs outside – these use around a quarter less electricity without losing any brightness 
• Put your outdoor lights on a motion detector so that they only come on when needed 
• Install dimmer switches 
• Don’t leave anything plugged in that is not being used 
• Install a smart thermostat, they learn how to heat up your home more efficiently 
• Thermostats, programmers and thermostatic radiators all help you to stay in control of your heating 
• Turn down your thermostat! Turning it down by just 1 degree will decrease your energy usage 
• Buy efficient appliances such as an A+++ washing machine, a modern efficient dishwasher, an A+++ fridge freezer 
• Avoid or limit how often you are using the tumble dryer 
• Don’t overfill the kettle 
• Use a microwave to heat up food as often as possible, its one of the most efficient ways to heat up and cook food 
• Slow cookers only use about as much energy as powering a light bulb 
• Use glass or ceramic dishes rather than metal trays in the oven as they retain heat better 
• Invest in a fan or convection oven 
• Use the correct size pan and the right size hob 
• Keep your hob clean 
• Install a new boiler – upgrade the old boiler to an A-Rated condensing boiler 
• Insulate your hot water cylinder 
• Wash clothes at a lower temperature, washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees 
• Only wash clothes when you have a full load 
• Do not leave the tap running 
• Install an aerator onto your kitchen tap to reduce the amount of water coming out 
• Only run your dishwasher on full 
• Use an efficient shower head 
• Fit a shower timer 
• Swap your bath for a shower 
• Investigate where your heat is escaping 
• Install double glazing 
• Drought proof your home with Drought excluders, line your letter box, you can buy plastic lining for your windows instead of double glazing 
• Insulate the loft 
• Insulate the walls 
• Consider solar panels 
• Install a smart meter to track your consumption with accurate real time information, it will allow you to track where you are spending the most on your energy and help you to take steps to reduce usage 
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