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Keeping energy usage down and homes comfortable 

Energy price rises 

With energy prices remaining high there's never been a better time to begin looking at where and how to save energy around the home. 

How to keep gas bills down and homes warm 

What can I do? 
Maintenance of your boiler and heating system is key to keeping your heating system working as efficiently as possible. Also, managing the heating and hot water well will help to lower your gas usage. 
Service your boiler 
Boilers should be serviced regularly, once a year is usually enough. During your service the filter will be cleaned and inhibitor can be added to the system. 
Smart thermostats 
Smart thermostats such as Nest thermostats, learn your heating patterns and will warm your home more efficiently than if you were to turn the stat on and off. They can also be controlled remotely. The Nest displays an Eco leaf to guide you to the most energy efficient temperatures. The stat can also detect when you have left the house and switch onto Eco mode. 
Thermostatic radiator valves 
If there are rooms that are not being used you could save energy by turning individual radiators down or off. 
Balance radiators 
1st Gas can measure the flow rates in and out of your radiators to make sure they are working well. 
Flush the heating system 
Sludge and grime builds up inside heating systems preventing the radiators from heating up properly. 1st Gas offer power flushing or magna clean flushing, which is a gentler form of power flushing. Making sure your radiators are clean will help to heat your home evenly and efficiently. 
Replace old cylinders 
Consider replacing your old cylinder with a more modern well insulated cylinder. 
Replace old boilers 
Older boilers are lot less efficient than modern boilers, consider upgrading to an A-Rated 
Install a Worcester Bosch air conditioning unit 
A-Rated air to air heat pumps that will heat and cool individual rooms in the home, ideal for home offices, living rooms and bedrooms. They are the perfect addition to any home, keeping you comfortable all year round. Visit our sister page to find out more or to book a free quotation: www.enviroheatingandcooling.co.uk  
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