COVID-19 FAQs 1st Gas 

Safety measures include: 
1. Two metre social distancing 
2. Wearing disposable gloves and masks and/or face shields if required 
3. Ventilating work areas as much as possible 
4. Using our own towels/paper towels to clean objects and surfaces touched regularly and before leaving 
5. Cleaning card readers before and after use 
6. Removing all waste from the work area at the end of the day or job 
7. Arranging safe disposal of waste in accordance with local by-laws 
8. Vaccinated staff 
Before carrying out any work we will check whether anyone in the household: 
Has been diagnosed with Coronavirus or is showing any symptoms of Coronavirus 
Is self-isolating or shielding 
Is vulnerable or elderly 
Customers will receive an email or a text message the day before the appointment to ensure that it is safe for us to attend. You will find a link with the message to cancel or re-schedule your appointment should you need to. 
If you are self-isolating or being shielded we are unable to carry out any work unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, in this 
instance you must advise us in advance. 
Worcester Safe In your Home Commitment
Need Advice? 
01604 670549 
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm 
Sat 8am-12.00pm 
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