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Around 50% of your energy bill goes on your central heating. How much you spend depends on how well you manage your heating system. Smart thermostats can help you to stay in control of your heating and hot water wherever you are. 

Google Nest Learning Thermostat Installations, Key Features 

Access and control of your heating and hot water system using an app on your phone or tablet 
Thermostat and programmer in one 
The Nest learns the temperatures you like and creates a personal schedule for your home 
The Nest detects when you leave the home and automatically turns itself down or off 
A leaf appears when you're saving energy. Changing temperature by just 1 degree can help save 10% on fuel 
See your energy usage history and see where you have saved energy and why 
The Nest will work with combi & condensing boilers, system and heat only boilers, hydronic underfloor systems, zoned systems (1 Nest thermostat per zone), switched live systems and low voltage (dry contact) systems 

Nest Thermostat E 

The Nest Thermostat E is set with a simple schedule to get you started 
It knows when everyone has left the house and will then turn itself down or off 
When you change to an energy saving temperature you will see a leaf 
It is easier to install than the Nest Learning Thermostat 
The heat link E goes in the location of your wired thermostat and you can put the Nest Thermostat E anywhere you like 
It can be scheduled, controlled from your phone and by using voice command with Google assistant  
See your energy usage history and see where you have saved energy and why 
The Nest Thermostat E cannot control your hot water system  
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