All monthly payments are to be paid by Standing Order to 1st Gas Servicing Ltd. Missed payments will forfeit any cover and services. 
Period of service contract 1) Where payment is annually in advance, the service contract is valid for one year from the date of notified acceptance of the contract and for each year it is renewed 2) Where payment is by monthly instalments, the service contract is an annual agreement and shall remain valid from year to year from the date of notified acceptance of the service contract and for each period it is renewed. If any due instalments remain unpaid the service contract will automatically terminate. For new agreements, the cover will start when the payment has been accepted into our bank and the contract signed and returned. This is usually within 14 days of the initial inspection. Any repairs required during this period are chargeable and not covered under the terms and conditions of any agreement. After the 14-day cooling off period we will provide you with full Boiler Cover. If you are simply renewing your Boiler Cover, your Cover will be uninterrupted. 
Change of ownership -If the ownership of the premises in which the appliance is covered by this service contract changes the new owner may have the benefits of the contract for the remainder of the period of which payment has been made. This applies to annually paid contracts only. Service contracts paid by monthly instalment can only be transferred by prior arrangements with 1st Gas Servicing Ltd. 
Exclusions- Heating controls/ thermostats. Blockages of sludge and other waste matter from your system by flushing out your radiators or using a power flushing machine. Damage caused by freezing or other weather conditions including subsidence, structural changes, accidents, fire, lightning, explosion, floods, storms, or corrosion. Changes or problems with gas, electricity, or water supplies. Bank holiday call outs, continuous call outs for intermittent faults that are not apparent at time of engineers visit, adjustments to time and temperature controls, any defects on a central heating system or inadequacy attributable to the design of the central heating system/installation. Any defect or damage occurring from the failure of the public, electricity, any defect, or damage caused to persons or property as a result of water damage, any defect or damage caused to or occurring as a result of third-party interference or remedial work. No pipes or ducts contained within the fabric of the building i.e., in floors or walls. Gas supply pipework from the meter to appliance isolation point, any damage caused by aggressive/hard water resulting in scale, shale and/or sludge, any secondary flue systems located in the fabric of the building, any defects or damage occurring because of freezing conditions, the cost of replacing system inhibitors shall be met by the customer if this is required. The cost of power flushing shall be met by the customer if this is required. 
Contract Conditions-Any alterations/modifications to the system must be notified to 1st Gas Servicing Ltd prior to the commencement of works. The maximum sum covered including parts is £1,200.00 in anyone year of cover. Payment and renewals- Payment for the service contract is made annually in advance or by monthly instalments to be paid as notified to 1st Gas Servicing Ltd by the customer. The renewal date of the service contract will be the yearly anniversary of the date the contract first commenced. Notification of the renewal charge will be sent in advance of the renewal date. The service contract shall remain valid for so long as no payments are outstanding pursuant to the conditions of this contract. 1st Gas Servicing Ltd reserves the right to refuse to offer renewal of any service contract. Cancellation-If you cancel your contract with us, we will not normally give a refund, however, you are entitled to a refund if you cancel within fourteen days of commencement or renewal provided, we have not carried out any work on any appliance or system covered. If we have carried out works, we will charge you an amount that covers the cost of work carried out. If you are paying by monthly instalments any instalments still outstanding shall remain payable to expiry date. We will cancel your agreement if you have given false information, or you do not make an agreed payment. 
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